Sure Shot

An urchin from the street that was wrongly thrown in jail, and then learned of his epic potential with a bow.


Class: Fighter
Alignment: Law
Speed: 30’

Level: 1
XP: 13

Armor Class: 13
Hit Points: 6

Initiative: 2
Action Die: d20
Attack: melee d3-1, ranged d3
Crit. die: d12; Range 19-20; Table III
Fumble: d8-1

STR: 6
AGL: 13
STA: 12
PER: 8
INT: 8
Luck: 14

club d4
Short Bow d6


Begger Bowl
Quiver 24 arrows

REF: +2
Fort: +1
Will: -1


1- prime motivations:
Sure Shot was falsely imprisoned. He wants to get revenge against those who locked him up and planned on selling him or profiting from his suffering.

2- character description
Life on the streets and then time in prison was rough on Sure Shot. While his outward appearance seems to be gaunt, thin, and wild he now has a confidence about him and in his new found skills as an archer.

3- Why have you been locked up, and any enemies you had if you were falsely imprisoned?
Sure Shot, whose past name no longer matters, was a petty guild official in the Beggers Guild. He was arrested by the authorities in an attempt to upset the power structure in the Guild and to put people in power who were willing to sell junior members in the guild for nefarious purposes that are unclear to Sure Shot.

4- Any friends or family left in the area or surrounding territories? (IF you want to name distant towns I will incorporate them in the game)
Sure Shoat has no family that he knows of. As an urchin, even though a guild official, he has often been outside of society looking in. Now equipped with a bow, clothes and an actual new wool blanket he plans of making some loot, living better, and avenging the down trodden people that he was once part of before prison and his escape changed him.

Sure Shot

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